Wellness bad

Wellness bad

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  1. people confuse life lessons with hardship, everyone needs to learn life lessons growing up, they don’t need to have the hardships of previous generations to learn them though, i do all i can to make sure my kids have things they need and things they want as when i was growing up i didn’t have it very easy, i am in a place where i can treat my kids and still manage without having to subject them to hardship just for the sake of it, some people are just morons i guess

  2. Easier isn’t better. Harder isn’t better. Better is better. Sometimes what’s harder is better, sometimes what’s easier is better. Sometimes things need to be harder to cause an adaption. Sometimes they need to be easier to prevent damage. Exercise is hard, so is cancer. I wouldn’t want my kids to either get cancer or avoid exercise.

  3. >That’s the goal tho right?

    Yes and no.

    Kids NEED to make mistakes and have consequences. They NEED to fail and know what that feels like and how to overcome it. I think people seem to get the phrase “I don’t want my kids to have to go through what I went through” a little too far. Don’t shelter them to the point NOTHING happens to them.

  4. And it’s simply not true in many ways…

    When I was bullied in school as a kid, I knew it only happened in school. Once I stepped out of the gates, it wouldn’t follow me. With social media and related apps, that shit follows children everywhere. And most aren’t taught that you can simply put your phone away.

    I just can’t fathom how tough that might be now for a teen.

    And they have to contend with the fact that mental health services in most countries for teens are next to nothing.

    Also I would argue that teens feel so much more stress to succeed in school and exams than I would have at the same age. They’re definitely a lot more ambitious.

    So yea, it’s mostly a bullshit statement.

  5. Spoiling your child is not the same as making their life better.

    Its almost like you have to raise your kid intelligently so they accumulate respect and appreciation for things. That doesn’t make life “easier” but it does improve it and the likelihood of happiness, and I think thats the real goal.

  6. No they need to have it hard but not harder then they had because nothing will ever compare so harder but easier, you know what go to your room. Don’t talk back either will your correct observations and thoughtful insight your making me angry with your correctness.

  7. Tell you kids, back in my day, we had it so rough… or so much better, i can’t tell anymore. anyway, every day, we would wake up at 2 in the morning and go to the table for breakfast. we all lived in a closet, you see, so it was one room. and we would ask, me and my 64 brothers and 27 sisters, “what’s for breakfast mum?”. she would smack us all with a shoe and say “cold beans”. and if we complained and said “but we had cold beans yesterday” – because we had cold beans every day – she would smack us all five times with a shoe and say “tough its all we can afford. i’m trying to feed a family of 93 with just half a silver buckington”, a silver buckington was about the same as half a penny back in the day. then we would head to school. we met up with the johnson kids from down the road, and walked the 1674 miles to school. on the way to school, we had to walk up a mountain so tall it extended to outer space. when we got to the top of the mountain, we would see the peterson boys on their 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bones–you name it. so we would always get a little hyper after our candy. one day, when we were hyper, we went up the mr boris’s car, the only car in the town, and touched it. as we touched it, we saw dad storming down the street holding his belt. “you kids, having fun while i work all day in the soot factory just so you can have grilled water for tea every night, i oughta smack you all”. we were sure he was going to smack us, but then he said “no, i got a better idea, ill take you to see mr henderson, he’ll set ya right”. now, dad had told us about mr henderson. mr henderson was a veteran from the great war, where he got a really bad injury, but we never knew what it was. dad walked us all down to the pub, and we saw a left testicle propped up on a pegleg. “mr henderson,” said dad, “i have some kids here who need a good whooping”. then, mr henderson picked up the entire pub, and hit us each 4006 times with it. then, dad said “right, i gotta go back to the soot factory, you kids run on 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    Intellectual property of u/OctagonalButthole with due royalties payed, if i see this copypasta without due credit, my team of 4 mods can promise you atleast 4 negative karma, ok?

  8. I don’t think that’s the goal.

    I don’t particularly want my children to have it easy. I want them to be good people who grow up feeling at least somewhat fulfilled and glad to be alive. Whether that means having it easy or not depends on the situation. In general, if I can make it easier, I rarely see any reason not to, but I don’t think the goal is to make things easier for future generations just for the sake of ease.

  9. It seems to be something boomers despise about people our age. And things arent always easier. My generation has the lowest home-ownership rate of any generation since the baby boom. We have less money and a lot more worries. We go in debt going to school while they enjoyed secondary education for a fraction the cost. They have taken so much from us and expect us to be thankful for building the world we now live in. I hope i never reach an age or a state of mind where i want my children’s children to have it rougher than i did. Because by comparison to my grandparents, i had a much easier childhood. Adulthood is a whole other story.

  10. That is literally the only job I have as a parent, to make my kids’ lifes better than mine, no matter how my life was growing up.

    It’s like the WAR stat in Sabrmetrics in Baseball; a parent should be above zero, really.

  11. I don’t think this shit is remotely true.

    My parents had it mad easy growing up. My dad legitimately tells me about what it was like when he graduated college and it’s insane. He said NO ONE HE KNOWS was ever rejected a research grant they applied for. You just wrote like whatever you wanted, and the government granted the grant.

    Now, these are smart people and hard working, but he says NOW it’s like HARD AS FUCK and they legitimately higher outside professional writers to write their proposals, and the vast majority are rejected. People have to just like pack up and bail because their lab is unfunded.

    ALSo their “research” was like… I stick a thing in this brain and it records electrical signals on multi channels! REVOLUTIONARY!

    Like the fact they went from 1 channel to multi channel electrodes meant they could do 3d mapping of the brain, so they had careers. Like, holy shit you stuck a multi channel electrode in and recorded – YOu’re the top scientist in this field in the world!!!

    Now to get a neuro science research grant , you need to actually be testing crazy advanced theories with super high potential to just be wrong and uninteresting…..

  12. The older generation has a huge influence on how spoiled kids get as they grow up.


    My ILs would pass out money to my kids left and right, and they help my husband financially–and it absolutely affects how he views things.

    I’ve had to forbid them from giving my kids spending money as adults, because they are removing all the incentive. And then they brag about how they made their own life for themselves, etc.

    When I object to the handouts, they say, “This is why we worked so hard, so we can help our family.”

  13. Kids today!

    We had it rough! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in a shoebox in the middle of the road! We used to have to get up out of the box in the middle of the night and lick the road clean with out tongues. We had to eat half a handful of freezing cold gravel, work twenty-four hours a day at mill for fourpence every six years and when we got home… our dad would slash us in two with a bread knife!

  14. My dad does the whole you have it easy thing but then he hits me with that’s why I worked so hard. He never wants me to work like he did. Enough to appreciate things yeah but not to suffer.

  15. Yes we now have phones and computers and shit. But the fact is that it actually matters if we get bad grades now. Back in your day it didn’t matter if you got a d or an f you could still get a good job. Now you need fucking A’s to work a McDonald’s so dont say it’s easy for kids now

  16. I say the same thing to my parents whenever they talk about hardships they went through and how the life is easy for us. I appreciate all that they have done for us but then sometimes when it becomes unbearable I say this.

  17. Kids now only have roughly 50% chance of doing better than their parents economically and declining, down from 93% in the 1940s..

    I would say kids have it worse off to live the American dream these days

  18. I will never understand the disconnect there like obviously your kids should have it easier than you. You can still stop them from becoming spoiled and teach them how to appreciate things. My life sucked so my kid’s life should suck is just so asinine.

  19. More than a few people grew up with their parents telling them “when you have kids of your own you can be as mean/unfair/cruel as you want!” and they really took that to heart.

    They mistreat their children because they want revenge for how they were mistreated. Abuse begets abuse.

  20. But like, that’s not true? Millennials are doing worse than their parents. Most can’t afford to buy a house and either have to borrow from their parents or live with them.

  21. I certainly want my kid to have it easier/better than me. But I certainly didn’t spoil him and I tried to make him earn it. He is an only child, I grew up with 7 siblings (8 of us total). I was the baby of the family and a semi motivated child till I got lazy and thought I knew it all. I was always ‘smart’ amongst my peers as an elementary student. I had a hard time focusing. As I got bored easy and daydreamed a lot. Anyway move forward a couple decades and I have my son. He was a troublemaker in the beginning. All the way up till Jr. High School. His mom and I divorced when he was 10. But we always instilled what I thought was good morals, good behavior, non-entitlement and respect. It was a difficult few years with him. His Grandparents
    (mom’s side) spoiled him to death. It was hard to teach him how to save or earn something. My x-wife allowed it to happen. I tried to get him to understand that things aren’t going to always be easy and things are going to take time to earn. Unfortunately his Grandparents wanted to get him things, buy him stuff take him over the summer for a month or more. And he would be lavished with gifts, everything he wanted and more most of the time. And I am appreciative of them for helping him and giving him things. But it undermined my ability to teach him to work hard for his money and to earn his deep desires and wants.


    He struggled with getting his homework in at school, focusing and paying attention to the teacher and following directions. He was a little more immature in his school time from kindergarten all the way to about Jr. High and maybe the first trimester of Freshman year. We did allow him to skip first grade. He was reading writing and doing multiplication when he was in Kindergarten. Which hindsight, probably wasn’t great due to his maturity level. But we almost didn’t have a good choice. He was bored, helping the other kids in 1st grade and his reading level was that of a 4th and 5th grade student. And math the same he was wayyy ahead. His first grade teacher said that she had nothing harder for him to do really. So we had to decide if skipping 1st was wise or skipping 1st and 2nd. He was way ahead in his schooling compared to his peers. We opted to skip just 1st. And it helped him some. But he was still unfocused and didn’t really pay attention in class. Homework was difficult to get him to take care of throughout the next few years. He was lazy. Things were handed to him on a silver platter. He was always a good kid for the most part. But had no vision or goals that he wanted to take seriously. He always stated he wanted to play guitar since he was like 4 or 5. And also wanted to play the piano. I told him I would give him mine if he learned how to play. Like really learned how to play. We gave him his own guitar, wasn’t anything spectacular but it was something to learn on and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I gave him lots of time to learn and play both instruments if he wanted to. He would ‘practice’ for like 2 minutes and would be bored or he would complain his fingers would hurt. So I told him and reassured him if he doesn’t want to play then that’s fine. But he wouldn’t get my guitar, of course he complained and said he would practice daily. I didn’t expect much from a 5 – 8 year old…and even 10 – 12 year old. Guitar is not an easy instrument to learn if your dexterity and hand strength sucks. So on and off for a good 10 years from when he said he wanted my guitar and that he would practice for at least 30 minutes or more a day, I would remind him every few months that he hasn’t fulfilled his bargain for my guitar. He would maybe practice a total of 15-30 minutes in a handful of months to maybe a couple of hours over the course of a few years. I told him I am disappointed. If you really want it you need to work hard. You need to practice, and say what you mean. And mean what you say. If you really want it, you need to act on it and work for it. This is about Jr. High at that time. He started to take it a bit more seriously. (mind you I have taught him some chords, gave him chord charts, the equipment to practice, fully working guitar, replacement strings if needed, and any guidance, lessons and books along the way. He just needed to work on it himself at that point. He would pretty much have the same lack of practice on the piano as well. He would practice for maybe 5 or 10 minutes (in a practice session) and say his fingers were tired or hurt. But he would want to play on the Computer or Nintendo Wii (game console we had at the time). He would play on the computer for 30 mins to an hour a day (we limited his game time). And about the same on the Wii 30 mins to an hour. He had a Nintendo 3ds while growing up and a nicer Samsung Tablet too(gifts from the Grands). So practicing was always a challenge as there were more fun things to get into.

    Fast forward to about his Freshman and Sophomore year of high school (he’s a senior now). He finally took it to heart. Started practicing hard and self taught himself a lot on both guitar and piano. I am quite proud of him. He has a drivers license now and got a job.

    He really wanted to buy an Apple Mac Book Pro of which I told him I could help if he needed, but he would need to raise most of it himself. I would be able to drop 150-300 depending on when he was ready to purchase. He estimated that it would take him like 3 or 4 months to save up most of the money, I was skeptical. He went to a few concerts over the time frame and had some other things he was doing. And I warned him to be careful. I didn’t think he could do it. But he did. He saved up and earned ALL of the money for the laptop. He didn’t need a cent from me. I offered to help pay for some of it and declined to take my money.

    He’s got a 3.8 GPA, Playing Piano and Guitar (actually he’s LEADING worship) as needed for the church Worship team (Adult service) as well as the Youth Group. Writing songs, active in many projects and holding down a part time job.

    Fast forward to about a week ago, he wanted to go to dinner with me before youth group at church. We went to Chang’s Mongolian Grill. I was going to pay for dinner, and he took the bill and said, “No I got it.” I almost took it from him, but I didn’t want to steal his thunder. I was quite proud of him. I certainly didn’t need him to pay for me.

    So I am very proud. Glad he turned out well. He is respected in many aspects of his life. At his job he has moved up a few notches. He is training other people and he tells me of his woes when his peers won’t or don’t step up to do what they need to do to get the work done. And he seems to be recognized at his job as a hard worker.

    All I can say is I am very proud of him. He’s learned to be responsible. Learned to have focus and has learned to save for what he wants. We still have a long way to go in life, but he is definitely proven himself. And has earned my trust. 4 years ago, I would have been skeptical or scared to give him the responsibilities he has now.


    TL;DR – Kid used to be a spoiled brat lazy troublemaker. But has changed and learned to not be entitled, to take responsibility and to be respectful. Took a little while but he’s doing great now! Hopefully it will stay that way.

  22. Yes and no. You need small doses of adversity growing up. It’s like a vaccination. People never exposed to any kind of hardships in their lives tend to grow up into entitled egotistic rude assholes.

  23. Well there’s something to be said for challenging them so that they can overcome the challenges they’ll later face in life. But the nature of those challenges are different than in previous generations. So I’m not surprised some people would think this way.

  24. It’s not a dichotomy. You can have it better off than your parents and not be spoiled shits.

    Source my parents moved to America in the 80s from a communist dictatorship and both make 6 figures each. My sister and I have been working helping our parents businesses since we were like 14.

    Kids are dickheads not cause they’re spoiled but cause they have shite parents… so thanks boomers for raising your kids terribly

  25. The number one thing I want for my future child (or children) to be surrounded by very positive people. I understand that there will be ups and downs but I want them to grow up seeing that you can overcome anything. I grew up with negatives parents and I know how it feels. They weren’t on the level of telling me I can’t do anything, they always supported me.

    When it came to money that was a whole other story. If you grow up with parents who believe that obtaining money it difficult it puts a lot on a child. You need money to live. Period. And if that’s being put onto a child negatively, then it’ll have a big impact on how they view the one thing that keeps someone alive.

  26. Yeah, that is something I think about a lot when older people talk about how much easier young people have it supposedly.


    First, it ain’t true.

    Second, even if, that is the goal, no? Who kind of people would want their offspring to have it hard?

  27. It isnt actually true, though. Convenience doesnt equate to easiness. Not understanding the new problems that are present doesnt mean they dont exist. Higher suicide rates, depression and anxiety, more predatory loans and services, lack of promise in degrees and second education, a political nightmare to try and prop up democracy in and an broken version of capitalism.

    I think conveniences are significantly higher, sure. That doesn’t mean the over all experience for children is any easier.

  28. Yikes, y’all really didn’t see the joke (he made a whole video about this). Those are La Guardia’s kids whom he loves to bits, he was just ranting that he didn’t get a spa day when he was growing up. Damn.

  29. i honestly never understood why older generations complained about the younger generations having it easier. you literally heard them say all the time how they wanted a better and easier world for their kids. make up your mind old timer.

  30. “When I was your age we couldn’t talk on the phone and surf on the internet at the same time. And a simple image could take up to a minute to load? And HD wasn’t even *invented* yet!”


    “I’ve followed graphics evolution from 8Bit 2D with 30fps cap to todays 3D 4k Ultra HD with 244fps.”

  31. And this is said with no irony or self-awareness that the generation before them were living through the great depression

    Relatively it was the boomer generation who actually did have it so easy. Comparatively, todays generation looks far more bleak.

  32. Anyone born after anaesthesia has it easy compared to those before. The average person in North America lives better than a king did a few hundred years ago… Better entertainment, better health awareness and care, more babes to oogle on the internet. The list goes on.

  33. These people!


    My FIL and MIL are immigrants from communist Yugoslavia; they came in 1959 with no English. Relatives helped them get their feet under them, and now they have a comfortable life. They worked hard, and they were smart, and they deserve what they’ve built for themselves.

    The topic of disdain for immigrants came up, and my FIL started this dismissive, “I had it bad! There was this guy who would keep me from getting work, and was always rude, and there was nothing I could do, but I just kept on keeping on,” with this “these other people shouldn’t be complaining!” tone. “And now these people want to complain about how they’re treated.”


    I said, “Wait, do you think that was GOOD? Don’t you wish our culture had sent a message to this guy to not do that?
    “I think it’s awful he treated you that way, and I wouldn’t want anybody to treat someone that way now. Isn’t that progress, that our culture condemns that kind of prejudice and ill will?”
    “Because you were treated badly, do you want this current crop of immigrants to be treated badly?


    He kind of stopped and said, “oh, yeah,” and sort of nodded his head to show he acknowledged what I said. And stopped. Maybe I got through to him.

  34. Some boomers think that your kids need to suffer as much as you did. They think that the suffering they went through was just a necessary part of society, or some even think its good, that it builds character.

    In reality, society will only get better if our kids have it better than we did.

  35. There’s nothing wrong with treating your children like people. When my mom was a child, she was expected to be a decoration for guests. Children did not have a voice back then, they worked as farm hands and school was optional. Adults could get away with unforgivable disgusting things toward children because they knew that nobody had the patience to listen to a child or believe them.

    Now children are seen as a blessing and I’m seeing more parents persuade their children to have opinions and speak up when something bad happens. It’s every parents job to look at how they were raised and throw the counterproductive parts out. The world is changing into a more child oriented environment and that’s not a bad thing. Just because children matter now doesn’t mean they’re spoiled.

  36. Why hasn’t this been posted to r/BlackPeopleTwitter? Don’t you guys see that the person that tweeted this is black? That’s clearly the most important part of this tweet, is that the person who tweeted it is black.

  37. The funny thing is my dad used to be so irritated that I didn’t know how to use a rotary phone but I’m sitting there like why the fuck do I need to know this and it ain’t my fault you didn’t teach me 😤

  38. The goal is continued growth through the generations. A generation of pampered, spoiled children is not ideal. When they get older they’ll be too dependent on authority and won’t be able to solve complex problems they will be faced with.

    Not saying any of the upcoming generations are like that. But it should be worrisome to a parent rearing their kids to make sure they are able to face problems that arise.

  39. You all realize not one word in the post is bad right? You are all projecting a negative meaning onto it.

    Simply stating kids have it easier is not a negative or positive thing to say. Stop being so horny to get upset at things and assuming the bad thing, instead of the neutral or good thing.

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