The wait is over?

The wait is over?

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29 thoughts on “The wait is over?

  1. I love how the guy that killed you can have the N word as his clan tag without a problem but I can’t have my name as “Spaceman” because it has the word “Spac” in it.

  2. My question is, why does my shield go on my back when I need to stim? On my screen, I’m holding the shield, but it goes to my back on the enemy screen… That new update made the shield almost unusable.

  3. im not sure if its just me but i never sucked at call of duty, back in black ops 2 i was able to go average of 15 and 2 but in this game i cant do anything i walk around a corner and get a shotgun to the face or i go into a corridor and die from an M4 in a single shot the second i walk out, this game just seems way to difficult and im thinking it has something to do with these types of physics

  4. Also when you switch to your secondary whilst crouching, whilst moving forward, I’ve noticed the shield tilts upwards towards the sky exposing 90% of your back. So it isn’t even viable to use it to cover your arse.

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