The only map I really wanna see brought back

The only map I really wanna see brought back

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106 thoughts on “The only map I really wanna see brought back

  1. Do not let nostalgia cloud your vision, son. We must push the devs to create new and exciting maps. They seem to have forgotten their ways with what we got currently, but I’m sure they will snap out of it.

  2. People would just camp the cabin. Hell I was the biggest camper on this map. Cold blooded pro+ thermal scoped silenced WA2000 and Id just lay in the flower garden sniping nearly completely invisible. Almost never got killed there.

  3. Ahh Estate, the perfect map for MW. Just think of all the claymore spots and windows for the tactical squad to post up in and get excited about getting another 10 kill TDM game as it goes to the time limit for the 5th time in a row. I’m excited for the very slow, methodical, and intense games that will come from this map if it comes out

  4. Im guessing the tactical players would like this map back, there are over 5 structures where they can tactically set their claymores, tactically hear footsteps, tactically post up with an m4 in windows, tactically sit themselves in a corner and if all else fails, tactically pullout the no skill 725. This map was the one of the worst in the whole game and follows the same design as the current maps to a lesser degree which is buildings with multiple doors multiple windows multiple angles to get shot from. lmao guess Im just too old for the “tactical” (campy) playstyle that people want cod to be

  5. Honestly at this stage, I would love an overhaul of all current maps to be replaced by MW2 maps, including the more annoying maps to play on like Derail. If OMA didn’t exist that game would’ve been perfect.

  6. I really want them to bring back MW2 maps. The reason is, if we get killed in the same fashion as MW2 then the new maps need to be reworked, but if we get killed by some dumb stuff that this new cod brings, we know its the new cod stuff.

  7. Fuck this map. People always camped in the house, the spawns were terrible, and it did not play well at all. I definitely do not want to see this map brought back, especially in one of the most campy COD games.

  8. How could anyone enjoy this map? This map makes me feel like the current maps we have. You’re either covered or completely exposed. I’m disgusted how people actually enjoyed this map. You’re not 9 anymore.

  9. Unpopular opinion, so please hear me out before you downvote out of impulse. IMO this was an incredibly unfair map if you spawned as Spetsnaz since you pretty much started the match already controlling higher ground & a formidable power point (the house). One of my least favorite maps in MW2.

  10. This is the worst map of MW2. Camping in the house is not a good thing. MW2 have better maps: CRASH, TERMINAL, VACANT, OVERGROWN, SAVAGE…
    This map definitely is NOT the best map of that game. Trust me…

  11. This was one of the worst maps to play tho. Would go nice with these new maps who, camper paradises. We need maps like Terminal, Rust, Rundown, Invasion, Scrapyard or similar maps from MW3, like Arkaden, Bootleg, Dome, Hardhat, Lockdown, Mission, Seatown and Village.

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