The javelin is op. Change my mind

The javelin is op. Change my mind

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127 thoughts on “The javelin is op. Change my mind

  1. I actually got 2 quad feeds in the same match from this. (You can see where the other javelin hit on the roof) I have the clip but it’s less satisfying because I did not watch it go up

  2. The Javelin is the only thing that keeps me from auto-quitting Euphrates Bridge.

    If the enemy team decides it’s time to post up on the bridge, one Javelin shot is like a guaranteed triple kill.

  3. Javelin **was** OP. Now i think its just pretty strong.

    Im pretty positive the JOKR got a shadow nerf during one of the recent updates because its kill sphere seems smaller and its hitbox sphere seems significantly larger.

    After noticing people (me included) running through Javelins non EOD i realized it probably got nerfed quietly. Just like the SMG’s feel very slightly nerfed

  4. Ok that was really cool but from my experience, the Javelin is fucking terrible, the missiles take way to fucking long to do anything and most aircraft are pretty much gone before they hit and half the time they just don’t seem to ever actually hit tanks.

  5. I do this on Quarry near the C flag lol. When the enemy is in the rooms near the C cat walk I throw smoke then use javelin. Granted I kill myself but gives time for team to push. But damn I didn’t think of using the air strike like that I just always pointed up the building…

  6. If you think this is OP. You haven’t seen the similar shenanigans that were done in MW2. In all seriousness, that was very nicely done. Good to see another person using the javelin like this.

  7. Javelin is not op. Takes forever to go up and back down, it’s only effectiveness is against hordes of elevated campers and vehicles. In my opinion it should be buffed. It should be a two-hit against tanks/kill streaks near same size and one against any other vehicle that spawns in.

  8. I’ve been using the javelin ever since I unlocked it. Find a good spot in cyber to shoot it, get a kill or two wait a few seconds hit the same spot again to get the revivers. Usually can wipe out half the team in the first 30 seconds

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