That self appreciating clap though

That self appreciating clap though

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131 thoughts on “That self appreciating clap though

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  2. In my case that car would have started to slowly roll down the hill where this scene was filmed, crushing into a store that only sells handmade glas figurines. So, yeah, well done.

  3. That’s the “why the fuck did i just do that? As if my day couldnt get any fucking worse. Way to go Kyle you fucking idiot” clap.

    Assuming his name is Kyle of course.

  4. I accidentally tossed my 6 foot a frame. Ladder in the bed of my truck and it just tapped my rear windshield and shattered it. It was pouring rain and 36° outside. I laughed all the way home.

  5. Why did he need to force it open even more?

    Theres nothing big inside and nothing big enough outside to need for it to be open that little bit more, that wouldn’t fit anyway.

  6. There’s that split second path choice in life when you either go absolutely postal or suppress that frustration/anger with the “not this shit again” sarcastic/cynical clap.

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