Organic sofa

Organic sofa

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113 thoughts on “Organic sofa

  1. I love me some sofa bone marrow broth boiled to perfection in 12 hours

    Balanced flavor, very couchy, previous owners bum gave it some nice vibrant acidity in the flavor profile


  2. In an infinite universe, it is a certainty that what whatever can be manufactured has naturally evolved on some planet. Thats why companies no longer manufacture sofas, but hunt them on some distant world. – A *very* rough paraphrase of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  3. This reminds me of that one town in warframe where there’s structures made out of flesh, when you land you can even see workers cutting a slab off it’s fucking disgusting

  4. Random anecdote:

    This furniture reminds me of a science fiction book (or at least the first few chapters), and one of the power plays by the evil guy was to creat a sentient human, in pain, as a piece of art. Just a lump of flesh with a face, in deliberate, unending pain. It had been raised, educated, and then installed in the guy’s front entry way with electrical leads causing horrific pain. The description was enough to cause me physical discomfort and I thought about it for days after.

    I stopped reading it and went so far as to ask Amazon for my money back.

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