Is it just my stupid ass that often finds the ‘hop up/over’ mechanic to be awkward af?

Is it just my stupid ass that often finds the ‘hop up/over’ mechanic to be awkward af?

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119 thoughts on “Is it just my stupid ass that often finds the ‘hop up/over’ mechanic to be awkward af?

  1. I get that the first two attempts were awkward on my behalf, but why wasn’t I able to jump over with the third or fourth hop? There’s a few jump ups in Hackney Yard that are similarly annoying

    edit: Definitely jump fatigue mainly at play here. Coupled with the fact I’m flopping about like a dolphin. Still, mantling in this game in general is pretty iffy atm. Could do with being smoother overall imo

  2. Definitely not a smooth mechanic but it’s something that you just get used to. The first two jumps were awkward as you mentioned, and it seems like you didn’t have enough height on the 3rd and 4th jump to climb over.

    I like to look up when climbing over as I feel it slightly helps trigger the climbing animation.

  3. It’s finicky at best and downright broken at worst…Many windows make you crouch to get through them and there are a LOT of places where double-tapping jump wont allow you to mantle over something even if you look straight up. Mantling fucking sucks in this game.

  4. I take 2 deaths per game at least because of this. Standing there jumping like a godamn bunny to get up a box thats 3ft tall makes me feel unathletic as fuck and makes me think about Dr. Disrespect every time it happens.

  5. I think I worked out why after it happened to me a few times.

    Like a lot of FPS games, MW seems to have a mechanic where your jumps get progressively worse the more you jump.

    Your first jump will have slightly more height and allow you to vault, where the following jumps in a short period of time are slightly lower and do not allow a vault.

    Its basically to stop people spam jumping around.

    Edit: Although it really should allow you to vault on the second / third jump if the ledge is within reach.

  6. Haven’t played the new map, but for some of the awkward jumps I find it helps to run in place and it works most of the time. The barrel jump on rammaza only works for me if I run while on the barrel to clear the wall.

  7. I’ve found there’s a fair few windows you can’t climb through however you would normally think some are bugged buddy it’s pretty shit really get killed because my fully trained solider guy can’t climb a ground floor window and you always feel like a right bellend in the kill cam

  8. Yeah it’s fucked. You have to stop, back up and attempt it again.

    If you turn always auto mantle on, it will work all the time. But because it’s off, once you don’t mantle the game stops giving you a prompt to mantle that object.

  9. I’ve definitely felt this too. I’m always at a complete loss when it happens because it’ll feel like I’m dead on to the edge and still can’t do anything but jump over. I’m not sure if it’s something about the angle I’m at or that the mantle requirements are stricter than they used to be, but it’s just “weird” feeling most of the times.

  10. Mantling is broken in this game.. I notice it on every map, just add it to the long list of things we need fixed/added to the game.. sad, basic things in cod this year just went right out the window, they completely used the Cod MW name to sell this game…..

  11. There is a setting that you can toggle so that he/she automatically climbs if you’re near a surface as you’re on the air, like Destiny 2 does it, but I don’t use it, I have it so I jump and hold the jump button to vault and such. Maybe try using that, or maybe you do and it’s still weird.

    To each their own but I find this very rarely in my playtime, so maybe this setting could help?


  12. This gives me titanfall 2 horror flashbacks it’s scary.

    Trying to fit through doorways and windows in that game sometimes is impossible due to how fast you go and the smooth wallrun mechanics.

  13. You have like a two frame window that it determines from a random distance it could be a foot away from the object or 2 inches away it’s inconsistent and if you miss it then you have to back up like 3 feet and it will reset.

  14. There is also a bug when there is 2 climbable objects on top of each other, you dont climp the first but actually both at the same time. Happens pretty often on the spawns in most gunfight maps.

  15. At least in PUBG i can keybind a key to VAULT ONLY so it works perfectly then. but here its the same as jumping so some times it does nothing or i am just stuck in a window i can literally duck through.

  16. Nope! Me to looking at it like I do every time sometime takes me like 4 different jumps to be able to get up which then leads me to get shot in the back

  17. Nah. It’s real inconsistent. Sometimes it’s super smooth and you can double up over successive obstactles like C in St. Petro. Other times you can’t event get atop the first crate or dumpster. I have no idea how they jacked it up like that but it really needs addressed. Just add it to the pile of straight broken shit in this game.

  18. PSA: The series always did this. You have to time your input and look at/over the ledge OR: time a strafe jump so that the object is at the apex of your jump and basically “sprint” over obstacles without the mantle animation.

    You’d be surprised how mobile you were even before the speed upgrade.
    You can jump up the hood of vans to basically full sprint up and over them or jump into both windows on hackney yards warehouse catwalk area weapons ready.

  19. I think it has to do with sprinting. I find that if I walk up to a ledge / window its ezpz, but if I’m sprinting up to it I never get to prompt to vault or my guy does a super vault and flings himself over it entirely (like a box I was to jump ON to, but my dude vaults OVER)

  20. There is a system in place where if you jump over and over, every jump will get less powerful. Unfortunatly it seems this system also extends to mantling, where if you miss the first mantle you need to wait for your jump “cooldown” to reset before it will let you mantle.

  21. I’m like 99% sure that you need to get a running start at something before you’re able to mantle it. Granted, it doesn’t have to be very far, you just need the smallest amount of forward movement.

  22. Black ops 4 had the exact same issue for me. The only game I had 0 issues with the mantling system is IW. Every other game seems to need you be pixel perfectly parallel to it while jumping at the perfect time on a run up to mantle stuff.

  23. Looks like a bugged window. There are two windows like that on the city Ground Wars map. One across the road from E flag in the small alley that leads to D where you can go through the double doors on the right to head to the small roof that wraps around the D building, and I forget where the other is. Somewhere near the A flag I think.

    It’s literally a wall but with a window texture. You cannot climb through the window, you cannot shoot through the window. It is literally just a wall with a square that you can see through.

  24. I was going to clutch in SnD with the Double Barrel pump shotgun in a round I had the Gas Grenade and the enemy team ran past me and I just sat at the window jumping to get through they all heard me and came over and killed me I broke my fucking chair

  25. I think one of the side windows on that very same building just doesn’t let you hop through it at all, I try every time to no avail and just end up running around to the door. Not sure if that one is the same way or not.

  26. It’s because there’s jump fatigue in this game and after the second jump I don’t think it will give u an option until u wait and stand still a second before jumping again to reset ur fatigue

  27. worst movement and climbing/mantling mechanics of any of the mp cod games, call of duty 4 was more lenient at letting you climb on things and it barely had any mantling spots compared to later entries

    they fucked up every single low level mechanical aspect of this game

  28. Jumps 1-5: Clearly missed.
    Jumps 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad jump control).
    Jumps 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses.
    Jump 12: Likely didn’t actually jump because you were already dead.

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