I don’t want to know if a teammate is 3 miles away behind 7 walls

I don’t want to know if a teammate is 3 miles away behind 7 walls

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116 thoughts on “I don’t want to know if a teammate is 3 miles away behind 7 walls

  1. The worst part is when an enemy is genuinely far away and you’re aiming at them (in Ground War for example) the blue dot doesn’t show… I’ve had so many times where I’ve started sniping a guy a wondered why I couldn’t hit him only to realise he was friendly.

  2. Yes there needs to be a certain hitbox around enemies, slightly larger than your enemy, that blocks off your team mate position markers. We all die to this especially due the the fundamental lane design of CoD maps.

    To be honest I would rather team position markers be gone and just appear on the compass or when aiming at them than to die to this poor design flaw ever again

  3. Also to add, and maybe it’s just my old eyes… but playing with friends. Often I feel I notice the green name tags sometimes overlap on an enemy and I think visually it’s not the enemy player but it’s too late and I die. I feel like name and color collision happen a lot like that.

  4. There should be an invisible box around players that erases all enemy dots from view that are behind that box. That would solve the problem and keep their original intent at the same time.

  5. I guess they added these blue dots for teammates at any distance when there wasn’t a minimap to see where teammates were, then they never removed them when the map was re-added. The old system wasn’t broken so i don’t see why else they would add them.

  6. yeah, I don’ t know what the IW designers were thinking. Those blue dots should be limited by line of sight and range. I can’t tell you how many times I have died because I thought then enemy in front of me was friendly because of a blue dot behind him.

  7. imo all the fucking HUD should disappear when you it’s in the center f the screen, I can’t tell you how many times I died cause the Flag icon covered someone or the bomb clock it covering an enemy am trying to kill etc etc….The hud is cluttered with so many things, it’s really bad. We should have the option to show/hide what we want. I don’t need to see the damn flag being taken when it’s already telling me it’s being taken in the center top of my screen, same for bomb timer! I can see it in the damn center top. Give us the option to disable some HUD elements.

  8. plus objective markers over enemies confuse me too.


    I think enemies need a slight red glow around them when you aim near them or something, it’s way too hard to tell them apart.


    Hardcore is even worse

  9. Yeah, this shit has got me killed several times. Didn’t they remove the outlines in the beta? Why do this instead?

    EDIT: I say that with the intent that I just want friendly nameplates when looking at teammates.

  10. This happened to me in the tunnel in the boiler room in Gun Runner. I was staring for a full second and a half at an enemy who I fully thought was an ally before they shot me.

  11. along with this, I really wish the opposing factions were a bit more distinct aesthetically. leads to so many of this type of situation when I can’t tell if someone’s an enemy or not.

  12. This is why I don’t like being able to choose your operator, in the old CoDs I knew what the uniforms of each team were so I knew an enemy far quicker than rn with many operators with different uniforms they can all wear.

  13. If they made the blue dots appear when they weren’t behind something it would be perfect, because the opposite happens too often as well, where I see someone in the distance and there’s no dot so I shoot, just to find out it’s a friendly and I just gave away both of our positions

  14. I support this too. Even if they’re not far away. Usually have a teammate coming behind me on mini map, I turn around and suddenly killed because between us was an enemy but didn’t see a red name, just the blue dot.

  15. I’m surprised they haven’t removed these yet. In development they played an important role without the mini map so you knew where teammates were. But now that we have a mini map they just cause confusion.

  16. This aggravates so much more than the campers with claymores, the sniper shotguns or the shitty skill based matchmaking. Otherwise, loving the game and how much fun it is

  17. To the people saying “shoot first” some of these situations happen in a blink of an eye and a slight hesitation can get you killed.. just allow us to disable the feature and you guys can run around the map wasting your ammo

  18. Recently dealt with this, could of swore it was a teammate after dying to this fella camping upstairs on the new farm map. Kept thinking to myself why isn’t my teammate up there killing him. He gave me no choice, double C4 right to his facehole. Served him right.

  19. Same here.

    I personally don´t want that IW brings back the classic mini-map, but if that means to remove the compass and the blue dots…. Man…. I sign it.

    Tons of times killed by an enemy while i thought he was a teammate.

  20. I died at least 5 times last night due to this alone. It’s real bad in the cave when visibility already sucks. See a blue dot above a body and don’t shoot cuz you think he’s friendly when in reality there’s a friendly wayyy back behind.

  21. I like when you see someone spawn literally in-front of you and you assume its a friendly because thats usually what the game dose (so your teammate can then run off like an elephant opening every door giving your position away) But no its a enemy and now I’m dead and was one kill away form a chopper gunner… wth

  22. This is in essentially all fps games with an indicator above teammates heads. It’s just a perspective thing, and isn’t a bug that needs to be instantly addressed. There are more pressing matters in this game like when will the maps be good, or the shitty spawns.

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