Hardcore in a nutshell

Hardcore in a nutshell

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114 thoughts on “Hardcore in a nutshell

  1. The wonderful thing about the new MW is that you can see where your team is with the little blue balls. This is how I’ve be able to not kill any teammates so far. I hear footsteps and look for the blue balls. No balls, no mercy.

  2. Goddamn if that ain’t true.


    I do love Hardcore though. I seem to encounter *less* camping that the rest of this sub recalls. Probably because it’s ridiculously easy to kill a camper in HC.

  3. The last time I played Hardcore, I dropped a Carepackage and a teammate kept standing next to me, waiting until it dropped.

    Then when it touched the ground, he teamkilled me so he could take it himself.

  4. Watching this video and reading some of the comments, just got me in trouble by the wife, I laughed so hard and loud. Man yall are a trip. Him leaving the scene of his mistake murder keeps me dying laughing.

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