Fighting camping crime, one day at a time.

Fighting camping crime, one day at a time.

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44 thoughts on “Fighting camping crime, one day at a time.

  1. Thumbs down. The entire time you’re doing that, the enemy team is whooping your team according to the kill feed. This looks like TDM. Your teammate could be playing smart based on enemy strategy. He could be playing toward his daily missions. You aren’t in a position to admonish him.

    I’d rather a teammate camp if his loadout or the enemy team dictates he should rather than him try to run and gun.

  2. It’s not those campers, it’s the ones in objective based games that say camp around point A in Dom but don’t actually take the point…drives me mad, and because I mostly play hardcore, I can and WILL TK till those mother f*ckers stop doing that sh*t

  3. If they would just add a slight highlight to player characters this wouldn’t be a problem. You literally cant even see the dude and this guy looks like he even has his contrast turned way up.

  4. Hardcore is the worst for camping, it pisses me off because if I go into normal then it takes an entire magazine to kill an enemy. I swear people are chatting shit when they say this game has a low ttk because the people I shoot soak up bullets like a sponge.

  5. I’m a camper. I love camping. I’ll pitch a goddamn tent, light a fire, and grab some s’mores. Not even ashamed. Reason I camp? I have shitty internet, shitty COD skills in general, and I have about an hour a week to work on these. I paid good money for this game. Hard earned money. I camp. I camp the fuck out of every map I possibly can. I still walk away with a record of 1-15 because I’m still that shit at this game. If I don’t camp I spend all my time respawning. That’s not fun for me. So I fucking camp.

    If you got a problem with campers, you got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that marinate.

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