Evolution of Cpt. Price

Evolution of Cpt. Price

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69 thoughts on “Evolution of Cpt. Price

  1. One of my favorite things about all graphics generally being a lot better nowadays is how much better the hair looks. Even in games like Far Cry 5, which has really good graphics, people’s hair still looks weird. The hair in this game, during cinematic scenes anyways, looks so real. Does a lot for immersion.

  2. I think the thing I don’t really like about new price is that his facial hair looks really smooth- life fur- yet is greying. Meanwhile, despite his greying hair, just skin is flawlessly smooth with not a blemish in sight. Just didn’t necessarily feel right. Then again, I play through MW2 one every few months so I guess that could have something to do with it not feeling right.

  3. Unpopular opinion: They made Price’s face look like an instagram filter. Makes him look baby faced. And bid shiny eyes with a twinkle in them… cute rather than gritty.
    I feel like they did something duncanville with the voice acting. Feel like they made him softer and cutesy, rather than deep raspy, gnarly, gritty. The portrayal of Price made me enjoy the campaign less

  4. Best choice they could’ve made – Barry Sloane is perfect for the role of Price. I loved his role in SIX. And you can see his entire behavior from the show in Price. I absolutely love that man, great guy.

  5. Did anyone else feel like they focused way too much on Price’s lip/mouth animations in MW 2019? Like every time he talks in a scene they got him doing some weird mouth gestures.

  6. Honestly, the cinematics in this game are amazing. The facial expressions on Cpt Price sometimes, especially around the eyes – the tiny little movements – are simply amazing. It felt like watching a live action sometimes.

  7. “Oh hey Captain you’re looking mighty handsome today.”
    “Thanks Steve I feel handsome, today, my my I’m getting a major hard on, that must mean the enemy is near. Let’s get the tank and load her up.”
    “Ah cabbage patch kids…”
    Gold star for whomever gets this reference lol

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