Dancing on the escalator

Dancing on the escalator

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110 thoughts on “Dancing on the escalator

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  2. My sister’s graduating class from med school was able to choose who was the student speaker. The guy they chose was hilarious and told a story about driving down a highway dancing in his car. A car of teens pulled up next to him and laughed, so he got embarrassed and stopped dancing. Then he thought about it, decided he was having fun and so were they. So he caught back up with them and danced even harder.

    Never let anyone keep you from having fun.

  3. I actually find her reaction hilarious. I don’t think she’s looking her nose at him – I think she’s mildly amused but a bit “WTF?” at the same time. It sounds like a weird thing to say, but I can relate to her face.

  4. The (couples) guy looks like he has a slight glimmer in his eye, as he’s looking around. He could be enjoying life like the guy dancing but he looks to her before really reacting to get her permission. She said no. Poor dude.

  5. Well people like to judge people doing this kind of stuff. I would like to be the one dancing and not giving a fuck about that others think. “I don’t care what people think” is something i hear quite often, at the same time you can clearly see everyone cares about it. There are some phew people who really don’t and they and you can see how authentic they are.

    (I know this is probably stage, but there are some real cases)

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