Can your 725 do… THIS?

Can your 725 do… THIS?

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118 thoughts on “Can your 725 do… THIS?

  1. I personally run the R9-0 over the 725. It’s nice to not have to completely reload and anything out of distance I just use my AR/SMG for (I run overkill)

  2. This looked fun and delicious but now I’m envy I don’t ever get people like that on the enemy team, it’s always a bunch of veterans that wipe the floor with my face, ass and soul.

  3. I saw the first two kills and was like yeah it would only use one shell for each enemy, easy day. And then I saw a whole fuckin army run up the stairs in a single file line waiting for you to execute them. Well done friend. I might start using this when I max the 725

  4. You’d think at least ONE of them would’ve been up “Oh shit, people are dying right in front of me. Maybe I should just spray past the hordes of dead bodies!”

    Also, I think that’s the most people I’ve seen in Ground Wars running up a single flight of stairs at the same time.

  5. Max level with that thing and only working on getting kills immediately after reloading for the last camos I need for mastery. been rocking it since I unlocked it. Love this thing!

  6. all the console players saying they whole heartedly believe that some of those players were PC boys, uhm, if you actually played on PC, you’d know he would have gotten cross room 725’d because we all have headsets and sound whore.

  7. Are… Are those real people?!?! Even the bots are more intelligent than them wtf. Let’s walk up these stairs that has dead corpses falling down every second surely nothing can go wrong.

  8. Nice plays! I love when the emblem show up in the right corner when you have the first kill or multikill, but I miss that nice little sound It made back in MW2! That was so Nice to hear! Little detail, but was so satisfying!

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