Anyone else love maps like these?

Anyone else love maps like these?

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106 thoughts on “Anyone else love maps like these?

  1. Absolutely.

    If they have these in museums I find myself with my back turned to the actual historical treasures so I can stare at a small model of the city I’ve literally just been walking around in. Can’t explain why.

    Bonus points if there are several showing the place as it would have looked at different points in time.

  2. During the depths of the Depression in the late 1930s, 300 craftspeople came together for two years to build an enormous scale model of the City of San Francisco. This Works Progress Administration(WPA) project was conceived as a way of putting artists to work while also creating a planning tool for the city to imagine its future.

    The massive work was meant to remain on public view for all to see, but World War II broke out and the 6,000 piece, hand-carved and painted wooden model was put into storage for almost 80 years. [99% Invisible – Model City](

  3. I have a diploma in architecture-model-building.

    Whenever I see those models, I see all the work behind them. Models are amazing. Still love them, even though I switched careers by now.

    It makes me happy to see that people love them and that these artworks but a smile on their face 🙂

  4. This isn’t a map. It’s a blueprint for a new element which produces clean energy. We need it in this format because we don’t have the technology that we need to create the element yet.

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