Anyone else have trouble with ground school?

I’m currently enrolled in ground school in my university’s flight program and wow… it’s really giving me trouble. I go to every class, 5 days a week, 1hr a day, from 2nd week of August until the 2nd week of December. This probably equates to about 80 hours total of ground school.

Seems like I’m the only one struggling with this material. I keep failing the quizzes. Yeah I’m studying the stuff, but I also have other classes to worry about. Guess I’m not studying hard enough. I figured if I go to class every day, pay attention, and take good notes, (I do all those things) I’d get through just fine. Obviously, that’s not happening.

Will all this stuff I’m learning eventually make sense once I get in the cockpit? Because I only have about 5 flight hrs to my name and it all seems very confusing right now.

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