10 second example of mantling being super broken in this game.

10 second example of mantling being super broken in this game.

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135 thoughts on “10 second example of mantling being super broken in this game.

  1. It’s not broken, you’re just spamming the shit out of Jump, this has been a thing before in other COD games and shooters, the first jump will be the best, keep spamming and he gets tired and won’t let you climb, you’re playing it like they’re super soldiers, which their not, it’s not BO3/AW, it’s MW.

  2. If things are a certain height, looking slightly UP will make mantling much more consistent, I understand why people look down at what they want to climb, but it’s almost like your telling the game “I want to go there!” And the game sees you looking down.

  3. Glad you posted this as I can’t capture footage. Gets me every bloody time too yet the one on the opposite end (think birds eye view) I’ve no problem with.

  4. Earlier today I was going to vault through a window and I got the prompt hit it and it proceeded to slam me into the upper half of the window and then I bounced back like I was a beach ball or some shit.

  5. When I run into a spot that I can’t mantle correctly, switching weapons seems to fix it. I think the first time this happened I thought “oh maybe I can’t climb this while holding an lmg”, switched to a pistol and got over it fine. Second time I was at the spot I made it over with the lmg.

  6. Oh cool so it’s not just me. It’s the game. Fucking hell this is one of the most annoying things I’ve experienced to be honest…after playing so many games where this feature just *works* it’s infuriating in MW.

    [EDIT] some people saying this is how it’s supposed to be because of jump stamina or something? Fuck that noise, it’s broken even if it’s intended.

  7. I feel you, but, your first jump uses most of your stamina but with it you can mantle successfully. However, if you fail to mantle correctly you will not have enough stamina to continue jumping as high as your first jump.

    If this is changed where every jump is the same speed and height then this game will be plagued with Halo Jumpers everywhere. It will no longer be a boots on the ground game.

    Please don’t change it. Just don’t fail to mantle your initial try.

  8. There is a jump delay. If you spam jump you wont jump as high and it decreases each jump. Thats why you cant mantle. When you wait a second itll be normal again hence why you can mantle then.

  9. I’ve had so many issues with this game, but this particular issue alludes me yet.

    I don’t hold to mantle, I simply just spam the button & it works for me every time.

    I’ve had plenty of other issues, though… like hardly being able to play the game lol.

  10. Lmfao no bs, I broke my space bar to this. I was already fucking heated from being 725d 19 times that game. Then I couldnt mantle up so I kind of punched my space bar and broke it haha

  11. They need to make it that deadsilence aiming down sight is faster and better then normal sprint speeds its super delayed and really ruins the game sorry but slow game can have a faster aim down sight speed to counter its slowness

  12. It’s because of the anti-bunnyhop mechanic. You have a cooldown on your jump essentially. So if you miss, just wait like half a second before trying again and you will be fine

  13. This has happened to me, but you can do the opposite also. If you line up a jump and hit the left side of the bottom box then swing body around to taller box, you’ll auto mantle to taller box in one swift move.

    The game probably registers it as a mantle into a mantle, but it only requires the time of a single mantle (maybe a hair longer). Helps a ton if someone is on boxes across. You’ll still normally die but you have better odds.

  14. Yeah this shit has driven me insane lately. Crossing the street and mantling a small concrete wall only to get fucked by this bug. With all the snipers you really can’t afford something hitching you up and screwing your movement.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t able to make that mantle, has anyone noticed if you hit the angle right you can do a double mantle and get onto those containers in one action? i seen some people do it and i accidentally done it once too, broken stuff.

  16. I’ve had my fair share of issues with this game, but I’ve never had any problems with the mantling system. Well except one time when I found out you can apparently mantle backwards on to things….it got me killed :/

    Still, upvoting for visibility.

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